Best Family Rugs

When you have kids and pets, it can be hard to find a rug that will last.

It’s important to know what you’re looking for when shopping so you don’t end up with just another one of those rugs that you’ll have to throw out in six months or less.

Here is what every parent should know before buying a new rug:

Before buying a new rug, it’s important to know if your rug is placed on a floor that gets high traffic or not. For example, high-traffic areas include hallways, living rooms, and play areas. Low-traffic areas are any areas that receive light traffic or not as much wear and tear. This includes bedrooms, office spaces, family rooms and more.

Know the right type of material for where you’re placing the rug.

The types of materials you should consider for high-traffic areas are synthetic, wool, jute and chenille. Synthetic is a man-made material that resists stains better than any other material out there. This is great if you have kids and pets. Wool is a great option because it’s naturally stain resistant and is very durable. However, wool rugs can easily be ruined by high humidity so be cautious of this if you live in a humid climate. Jute and chenille are both popular materials for kids’ rooms as they’re soft to the touch.

Natural materials are best for low-traffic areas as they usually last longer and will give your home a luxurious vibe. This includes silk, bamboo, cotton, seagrass and sisal. They’re great for bedrooms and living rooms because they feel very cozy under foot and look beautiful in the room. However, natural materials are harder to clean and may not be as durable as synthetic or wool.

Pile height is another important thing to think about when choosing a new rug for your home. The proper pile height depends on the space in which you plan on putting the rug. If you have a room with lower ceilings, then go with a shorter pile height (2-3 inches) so the rug doesn’t look like it’s encroaching on the room. However, if your space has tall ceilings then consider getting a higher pile height (4-5 inches) to give the room more depth and dimension.

Machine washable rugs are great for families because they’re easy to clean. As you can probably guess, kids and pets aren’t good at keeping their rooms and areas where they play neat and tidy all the time. So having a machine washable rug is great because you can easily remove stains from kids’ spills and pets’ accidents with ease.

Now you know what to look for when shopping for a new rug! Be smart about your purchases so you don’t end up wasting your money on something that won’t last.

A good rug should be able to withstand regular wear and tear by kids, pets, high traffic areas and the outdoor elements for years.

Attractive enough to fit into a variety of spaces and styles without being an eye sore to the room or area it is in.

Easy to clean and maintain. Durable enough for high-traffic areas and spaces that receive a lot of foot traffic with minimal wear and tear so you don’t have to replace it often.

Thickness/Pile Height – Carpet

Carpet pile height is something that some people may pay more attention to than others. If you have low ceilings then you’ll want a shorter pile height so the rug looks proportional in comparison to the room’s dimensions.

If you have tall ceilings then consider getting a higher pile height for more dimension and depth.

Natural vs. Synthetic Material

Natural materials are more expensive but they’re also very luxurious looking and are great for rooms that get a lot of traffic. They’re also good at standing up to high humidity so they look great in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces.

Synthetic materials are cheaper than natural materials but they may not be as durable or resistant to wear and tear over time so you’ll have to replace them more often.

Rug Pad

A rug pad is another great investment that not only increases the life of your rug but also prevents slippage and escalates the look and feel of your room. If you have a high-traffic area where people are constantly walking on the rugs then it’s essential to consider getting one of these.


Rugs that are pet and kid friendly are great because their materials won’t be as easily damaged by pet claws, pet hair or crayons. They may also be more pet and kid friendly so they won’t ruin your pet’s or children’s moods when you decide to remove them.

High-traffic areas/Outdoor

Having a rug that can withstand high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, entryways and kitchens is essential because it reflects whether or not the rug can stand up to pet traffic, kids’ play traffic and general foot traffic.

If you plan on placing your beautiful new rug outside then it’s important to consider how durable and weatherproof it is so that it’s resistant to mold and mildew.

Rug Cleaning/Maintenance

Most rugs require regular cleaning to help remove dust and pet hair. Some may need dry cleaning while others can simply be hosed down outside and hung up to dry.


Just like with anything else, the price of your new rug is another factor that can limit your shopping options. If you’re short on cash then it’s important to prioritize your budget so you end up spending wisely on something that will last you a long time.

Before you start shopping for your new rug, make sure to set a budget so your purchases don’t get out of hand or end up being too extravagant for what you can afford. Consider the durability and overall life expectancy of each product before writing it down on your list. Once you’ve compiled your list and checked it

Utility/Door Mats

These are great for placing at entrances because they absorb excess water when it rains so you don’t have to worry about ruining your new rug. Especially in the colder climates where kids and pets are out in the snow.

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