Frequently Asked Questions

How much shorter should my rug pad be?

We always advise to use as much of the rug pad as possible. 
In order to do that, place your rug on top of the rug pad.
Next, slide your rug over the edge of the rug pad until the rug’s edge is making contact with the floor. 
Measure the difference between the edge of the rug and the edge of the rug pad underneath.
Multiply that difference by two and subtract it from whichever side of the rug you are measuring (width or length).
8×10 rug with a 1/4″ difference between rug & rug pad (10′ side) with the rug’s edge making contact with the floor.
1/4″ x 2 = 1/2″ (Cut the rug pad 9′ 11″)
Repeat for the 8′ side.
If you follow this procedure you should only be making a maximum of two cuts.
The old recommendation used to be 1″ shorter on all four sides, but most of today’s rugs are constructed differently.
Today’s rugs are thinner and not as stiff as they used to be.
The main objective is to use as much of the rug pad as possible while still maintaining contact between your rug’s edge and the floor.

Will my finished rug pad be the exact size that I order or 1″ shorter on all four sides?

We do not automatically cut and ship rug pads 1″ shorter on all four sides. We understand this is the industry standard, however we believe you should use as much of the rug pad as possible. The finished size you receive will be +/-  a 1/2″ from the actual size ordered to give you the flexibility for the perfect fit.

Rug pads and luxury vinyl

Please check with your flooring manufacture when it comes to approved materials that come in contact with your floor. Most vinyl flooring manufacturers do not recommend using rubber or latex backed products on their vinyl flooring. We provide four rug pad alternatives safe for vinyl floors: Fortitude, GripCore Thin Designer, GripCore Thick Designer and our best selling GripCore Platinum.

Which side of the pad touches my rug?

When using a rug pad on any hard surface the rubber non-skid backing of our GripCore line will be placed on the hard surface. That would leave the rough side to be in contact with your rug. Whenever your application is an area rug over carpet, the process is reversed.

Our Fortitude product is used is situations where a rubber non-skid backing is not needed. Similar situations would be when furniture is place on top of an area rug to secure movement. Our Fortitude product has a soft side and a rough side. The rough side would contact your area rug and the soft side would be placed on the hard surface.

How should I choose the correct size rug pad?

All of our rug pads are manufactured to the most common rug sizes. We recommend ordering a rug pad with the most similar dimensions of your rug. We have found that many rug brands are inaccurate with the size printed on their tags. These variations could be one or two inches. Our rug pads are made so our customers can create their perfect size rug pad by trimming the rug pad with ordinary scissors. This will always provide you with the best fit for your rug.

I have a brand new floor, should I wait before using a rug pad?

With all new installations and resurfacing, we always recommend contacting your flooring manufacturer prior to placing anything on your new floor. We believe waiting at least two weeks before placing a rug or rug pad on your new floor is adequate.

Are your rug pads folded during the shipping process?

All of our rug pads 9×12 and larger are folded and placed in a box during shipment. Rug pads of smaller dimensions are shipped as a roll that has been shrink wrapped in plastic. We have found this to be the best solution for handling purposes of larger rug pads.

Do your rug pads have an odor when first unpacked?

No, but it is common with lesser quality rug pads. Some brands that are imported use chemical treatments to soften their backing to produce more gripping power. These chemicals can also cause yellowing or discoloration of your flooring. Our products are made with natural rubber to eliminate this issue. Fire retardants are another cause of odor coming from rug pads. RugPad Nation does not treat any of our rug pads with these harmful chemicals. We believe in keeping your indoor air quality safe for you and your pets!

Can my rug pad be shipped to a PO box?

Sorry, but all products are shipped FedEx and therefore PO Boxes are not an option.

Can I use a rug pad on carpet?

Yes, our entire GripCore lineup is reversible which allows carpet on carpet applications.